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            e-TDS FAQ's

1. What is TDS?

ANS: TDS means Tax Deducted at Source. Any person required to deduct tax while making payments on Salaries, Rent, Interest, Commission etc. and have to file appropriate Form annually showing the various details of the deductions made and Deposit of Tax thereon.

2. What is e-TDS?

ANS: Electronic TDS Return means converting the existing TDS informationís for various payments into an electronic form and file the e-TDS Return in the format provided by the Government. For the year ended 31st March 2003, the Government has made it compulsory to file this TDS Return electronically by Corporate; Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies.

3. What is e-TDS return?

ANS: A return to be filed under Sub Section (2) of section 206 of the Act duly supported by a declaration in Form No: 27A as prescribed under the Rule.

4. Why e-TDS?

ANS: Government has made it mandatory (compulsory) for the F.Y. 2002-2003 onwards to file the TDS Returns electronically by Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies.

5. How it differs from the existing TDS Return Filing method?

ANS: For earlier Years Companies has the option of filing the TDS Returns physically where as now Companies have to file TDS Return only electronically.

6. Who are eligible to avail the benefit of this scheme?

ANS: All the Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies irrespective of Capital, No: of employees etc.to all persons filing returns of Tax deducted at source on are eligible to avail the benefit of this scheme.

7. What is computer media?

ANS: Computer media means a floppy (31/2 inch and 1.44MB capacity) or CD-ROM, and includes on-line data transmission of electronic data to a server designated by e-filing Administrator for this purpose.

8. Who is an e-deductor?

ANS: e-deductor means the person responsible for deduction of Tax at source who is required to furnish e-TDS Return under this scheme.

9. How to prepare e-TDS Return?

ANS: The e-deductor shall use the relevant Forms furnished under the Rules for preparing the electronic format of TDS Return. The above electronic format has to be converted to data structure provided by the e-filing Administrator. The e-Deductor has to quote his PAN and TAN and also the PAN of all persons in respect of whom Tax has been deducted by him. e- Deductor shall ensure that all columns of the Form of the Return for Tax Deducted at source prescribed under the Rules are duly correctly filled in.

Each Computer Media used for preparation of the e-TDS Retrn shall be affixed with a label indicating Name, PAN, TAN and address of the e-deductor, the period to which the Return pertains, the Form No: of the Return and the volume No: of the said media in case more than one volume separate computer media shall be used for each Form of e-TDS Return by the e-deductor.

10. How to file e-TDS Reurn?

ANS: The e-deductor shall furnish e-TDS Return on computer media to the e-TDS Intermediary duly supplied by declaration in Form No:27A as prescribed in the Rules in paper format. It can be submitted by Floppy, CD or can also submit directly to e-TDS Intermediary.

11. What is Schema?

ANS: Schema is a general structure/description of data that will be given by the e-TDS administrator to the Companies to upload the Return information. The Return information should be in the schema format as specified by the e-TDS administrator and this data in electronic format (either in CD/Floppy) has to be submitted to the e-TDS intermediary for enabling e filing.

12. Who is an e-filing Administrator?

ANS: e-filing Administrator means an officer not below the rank of Commissioner of Income-tax designated by the Board for the purpose of administration of this scheme.

13. Whether the Government/Income Tax Department will provide the e-TDS Software?

ANS: No Software will be provided by the Government to facilitate the technical conversion of TDS Returns into electronic Return. Government will provide only the official Schema for converting the data with the Company to the official format required by the government.

14. Why Integrated and what solution Integrated provides?

ANS: Integrated Hitech Ltd is an IT2 Company (Income Tax x Information Technology) specializing in Tax Software and Services. Integrated is the Developer of the Official Income Tax Return Preparation Software- SAMPARK for the Directorate of Income Tax.

Integrated served as the end-to-end solution for the filing of e Returns for the A.Y. 2003-2004 for ICICI, Bharat Overseas Bank and Corporation Bank and filed more than 75% of the electronic return.

Integrated offers most user friendly e-TDS software enabling Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies to convert their existing TDS data into the Official e-TDS returns without any difficulty. This software can be used for converting the database from Excel sheet and advanced ERP system.

15. How it works?

ANS: The information regarding TDS in Text file, Excel Sheet or Flat file can be directly converted to the electronic form specified by Government/Income Tax Department. The Software automatically exports the e-file generated to CD/1.44MB Floppy which can be submitted to the Intermediary selected by the Government.

16. How it will be implemented?

ANS: It will be implemented through the authorized Trusted Partners.

17. Who is an e-TDS Intermediary?

ANS: A Company authorized by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)/ Government to act as e- Return Intermediary. Government have authorized NSDL (National Security Depositary Limited) as the only authorized e-TDS intermediary and NSDL is expected to offer the e-TDS counter at the various offices of commissioner of Income Tax in India and Companies are expected to file the Returns at these offices.

18. What the Customer should do if the office is not located in the area of Commissioner Office?

ANS: e-TDS Returns can be filed only at the counters offered by the NSDL at the various offices of Commissioner of Income Tax in India. For avoiding the problems integrated provides collection of e-TDS Returns through its trusted partners located in various places.

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